vagina piercing

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piercing the clitoris.

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Jessica Gordon says:

how is she not screaming in pain?

English Babe '91 says:

She has the most attractive vagina I have ever seen!! Her flaps don’t hang
out at all, never seen this before on a mature female :/

Jordan Modi says:

That guy was ugly as fuck. What makes him think those piercings are

Darius Evans says:

That’s a fragile looking vagina /: 

Lauren D. says:

Be honest how many guys are here because they saw a vagina?

CTRSarge says:

you are here cause you are bored and have vagina on your mind, so you typed
it into the search bar

bunkerbuster says:

there is nothing that’s going to make that vagina look pretty… that’s not
a nice vagina.

Edward Phillips says:

I just typed in vagina to see what would come up, now my career is over as
a biochemical Engineer. 

Sam McCormack says:

Why would anyone want to have this done? What the hell is that working on

Canna Bis says:


In reality Its amayzing _”

75Prelives says:

Holy Shit OUCH!

lee jingyew says:

What is this

george mcleary says:

gotta say-very nice piss flaps on that bitch–if i was him ,id have to give
her a finger bang 

Kian Reid says:

Me too but for those who aren’t going to watch this it just proves you
would look at a penis instead

matthew tilson says:

why would people have vaginal piercings they are hummin!

banaan says:

why doesn’t he put atleast one finger in??

Anonymous says:

Omg ewwwwww

Agustín Arenas says:

yo primero la chuparia rica

John Le says:

The guy looks yuck !!!!

piddydog says:

Nice Foo Foo

Robert Buckner says:

You are one fugly ucker, whatever you are.

Wendy Smith says:


Sarah Ifegwu says:

Why is a cow piercing her?!?!?!

Thetunnler Alvarez says:

Always get a piercing from a german

Thang Duong says:

Dep the ma deo khuyen

Chin Nung says:

Pokeh rajekna

Rocio Valdez says:

That looks gross like ass

Lilith Iamskinsky says:


Thais Mercado says:

An actual camel toe vagina

Carlinhos Rodrigues says:

wow!! delicia!!!

Joseph Snijders says:


Mackenzie Banks says:


Joe Clapp says:

It’s a nice one at least

Tiana Kirkman says:

Fuck that

Naveen kumar mavi says:

Xerces piercing

bloud says:

Looks nice id lick it for breaky

Ahmad Abdelhadi says:

That’s nice looking 


Nice :P

Kat Manchester says:

Does anyone else notice the dudes ENORMOUS gauges!

BroSoProHD says:

bet he loves his job

Brandon H says:

I searched up “Vancouver private tattoo studio” and found this near the
bottom of the page. 4real doe

steve boley says:

open it up, whats inside?

eyelunboy says:

nice poosy.. very nice :D

Lal Pianga says:


KiNG BiG DaDDY says:

Good God that pussy looks untouched. Pretty it is untouched. She’s a virgin
probably, but what’s the point of piercing your vagina? I really don’t
understand that type of people. Pierceing their nipples, vaginas, billy
buttons, eye brows, cheeks and tongue. That is pure stupidty. Piercing were
originally made for women hudereds of years ago. Now it’s getting way out
of hand. But nothing compares to those freaks like that guy in the video.

Arden Mauro says:

It would hurt

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