Vagina Exam

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abc4781 says:

Fap fsp fap

Amberlyn Kohaku says:

like what did they do? did they remake her vagina to be tight again as if
she was a virgin? i dont understand.

can't sing says:

Why remove the lips they are beautiful…

Wally Smith says:

This chick gets to walk around every day thinking “half the people in the
world have looked up my cunt”. Must be hell of a turn on

Rifaldi Muhammad says:


junya B says:

Her pussy was fuckin gorgeous! Then she turns around and slices it off like
pieces of thin beef! The pussy is ruined now! RUINED!

игорь и ваня васечкин и васюткин says:

and yes by the way your Warface Gowon that offnite mouth better Chinese

pearlduz chau says:

He did great job now her pussy looks like a 20 year old .

Shiny Socks says:

Can u do one based on the penis?

lilleeshy666 says:

Is this a medical issue or a female circumcision???

ultimategamerZERO says:

Tried to repair all that blown out extra meat. But what really matters is
the WALLS of the vagina. No man wants a woman with a pretty vagina and
blown out insides. All she really needed to do is some pelvic floor
exercises and get a Kegel ball or something. It’s lots of women out here
paying thousands of dollars for vaginal rejuvenation surgery and all they
really have to do is tighten those walls up.

jaxflfreebird says:

That pussy is dry, dry, dry. Ick. Lube that puppy. Ewwwww, he cut her pussy
lips off. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. 

Chris Atkins says:

If only I had the internet when I was a kid.

Meagan Case says:


Fred MyOpinion says:

OMG, I’m going out of my mind !!! What is he doing putting on gloves???
Just put two fingers in her deep. That’s all I like to do in life. Just
dig my fingers, tongue, lips, dick, toys, anything… and, uhhmmm, by the
way, what’s with the stitches?

Jairzinho121 says:

How the hell is this video not banned? Its exactly the same as close up
gyno exam on videos, not that I watch that pure filth!

Hyungjun Kim says:

am gay but still wana enter to that virgina

cardett75 says:

i’m disappointed i always thought the vagina would look like a beautiful
flower !

Shawn Porte says:

Looks like my dick.

Jack Yang says:

I she even alive or wat?!

LukeIamYourFather says:

That’s a big pussy

Noah Reese says:


Fuche Baulz says:

the hell am i doing with my life.

MegaLuchito55 says:

That pussy has been way so wasted.

david kim says:

The doctor is gaaay…..
Yuck but a great video!
5 star
(People that read this comment, please dont think that im gross. Im just
being honest

Andrew Lawrence says:

Disgusting. Genital mutilation. It’s not ok for both sexes

steve buch says:

I think he ruined her it was beautiful

piero cavallone says:

it’s normal put both hands in a vagina? i think is a clever doctor

Rachel Robinson says:

that looks discusting

MegoDru LASTER says:

Oh Baby!

Jerry Hurley says:

he put the stitches in the wrong place and left a few out

Robert Turner says:

he is killing that pussy lol

Toshel Goffe says:

That is beat out and floppy 

Phisces Yeffani says:

emmh,, I understand

Dejia Bess says:

That shit is so dicussing

FireKiller says:

Awesome Vagina

AMORapTV says:


Wendi Helms says:


Sheanea Smith says:

The fact that the stitches started bleeding and the doctor was still
touching on her vagina. Owww

Junior Huamani says:

Fap fap fap ….

AJ Jawaid says:


pity poma paucar says:


Undress Andrés says:

Man, I fapped to this like 4 times now.. I have so much cum all over myself
and my bed. Best job in the world

kukrunkarn22 says:


Omar Flores says:

The fuck?

Micheal Wright says:

Da fk

emma raji says:

most of the guys wish to put their hard erect peni… into it right

robot2431 says:


Bertha Richardson says:

the title should be how doctors pull

Tim Knowles says:


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