Guys Describe a Vagina

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Click here for more videos ▻ This week the men of Booze Lightyear take the time to describe the female genitalia to you – aka the vagina. A big thanks to Epic Lloyd…

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Ray William Johnson says:

Guys Describe a Vagina

We had a lot of fun with this one.

Yas Mean says:

“and over here we have the cervesa… It has to do with yeast. Some women
are more hoppy than others.” OMG

Hahahahaha WTF 

thesheepthatwentmooo says:

Bloody good video!

Tacozaurus Rex says:

Do “Girls Explain a Penis” now XD

EpicLLOYD says:

Had to think outside the box for this one…sorry.

Povilas Račkauskas says:

I love the fact that they get to be so utterly offensive throughout the
video and then simply fix everything by a small apologise :D

Rihards Dobelis says:

Booze Lightyear is definitely one of the best shows you have created Ray.
In my opinion it far surpasses =3! Keep them coming!

Sepehr Raad says:

lmao like women know everything about male anatomy 

bravehalospartan says:

22 people can’t take a joke.

xDark NY says:

I love vaginas. They are so warm and cozy

Daniel Usachev says:

Nice vagina explanation Ray

thebatmanover9000 says:

I’ve only felt one with a condom on.

Tamo Daleko says:

Guys, menstruation jokes aren’t even funny. Period.


Grate video i loved the names for it so funny keep up the series

Thomaswarriner says:

I want to see robbie in one of these

peter stringer says:

Hope there’s a girls talk about penis’

Cool Beans says:

“They call it the Filipino tube, because it doesn’t work.” I didn’t get the

Bobobratwurscht says:

Popcorn isn’t real.

*Grabs God*

RaneyDay says:

I was going to say a vagina joke. But you guys wouldn’t get it! *drops mic*

projectbpain44 says:

GGUY describes boobs!!

Dire Winged says:

I died when Ray brought up Batman’s cave LMAO

Netherwolf6100 says:

I’m a guy and I know damn near nothing about even the penis. all I do know
is, as long as it works I don’t complain about it and since it doesn’t
bleed on occasion due to ovulation, its a huge plus in comparison to what
could have been

IAN 4000 says:

Rofl Ray is really funny

t(^.^t) Demon Supermodel! says:

haha, this gave me a giggle!! 😀 But just for your info, the G-spot is not
the same as the clitoris, it is located inside the ‘cave’ , as it were,
somewhere along the front wall. Good luck finding it tho, some still think
its only a myth!! lol

100Pointsandover says:

Is that epicLLOYD?

Berend de Liagre Bohl says:

Oh hey, a new booze lightyear and IS THAT EPICLLOYD?!

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