Riding a Sex Toy in Public for Charity (Sybian)

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Subscribe for more! ▻ http://bit.ly/simpsubcr PROOF HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TT3l54hh7g We asked girls to ride the Sybian to help bring awareness and money to the prevention…

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Simple Pickup says:

Thank you guys for watching! Be sure to share this video on Facebook and

Valerie R. says:

I would do it!

TipsyBartender says:

Awesome man! Lol

talkshithaters says:

why would anyone want to cut a girls clitoris off? like is that something
that happens often like in north america? 

Timothy DeLaGhetto says:

HOLY SHIT THIS IS GENIUS. It’s gonna get so many views. lmao, and its for

OmarIsuf says:

Giving women orgasms, raising money for charity and providing ample fap
material to your young male demographic with this video?

Good job boys, looks like everybody wins.

lilurik says:

Where’s this for male circumcision? 

John Park says:

this is stupid

Tuan H says:

Wtf a charity to stop female circumcision? why not to something like free
fucking energy!

Wiktor Krämer says:

I’m 13 what is this?

Louis Dwyer says:

I like the idea of preventing female circumcision, but how about preventing
male circumcision? Or do you not care about that as much?

HondaSkyline369 says:

To all the people saying “Oh so female circumcision is not ok but male
circumcision is acceptable”. No, male circumcision is not acceptable. I
don’t believe in it because it is actually incredibly stupid, and cruel. Go
Simple Pickup! 

fafafak6 says:

stupid way to raise money..
there are better way to raise money for charity… and this is not the way

Worrun says:

Next up, men sharing a fleshlight for charity!

Potato says:

how is this for charity?

TouhouRox says:

Wow they got the amount of $ that’s as close as possible to 1337..

Bhanoob says:

Instead of donating $1335, please donate $1337

yours truly,
The Internet.

GoletZ says:

I’m 12 and what is this?????

Yuri Kamanosuke says:

now i want to be a girl D:

9Matheusjf says:


steph wanamaker says:

*It’s All About Raising Awareness*

Watch these ladies ride a Sybian in public to earn $5 for every one second
they’re able to stay on it!

mbavalo says:

I’ll admit this is a funny video, though, what I don’t understand is that,
if these guys already have the money to donate, why do they need to do this
to donate??

Pimples Plon says:

so muslims chop off their daughters vaginas so that they dont get horny
when they hit puberty? what that decreases the chance to fuck around and
shit? damn what a messed up world

Drago607 says:

Can you suck my d*ck ? it’s for charity.

Jeremiah Collins says:

*Buys one for mothers day* lmfaoooo jk but uh, tell the latina chick to
hmu… cuz like uh… yeah okay.

Hunter Richardson says:

*It’s for a good cause!*

reptile1000 says:

You guys are perverse and the women that took part are lacking morals and

trinix777 says:

When I see something like this, I think about how many things people do to
try to help women and how little to help men. That is not equality.

Andr3wco7 says:

Riding a Sex Toy in Public for Charity (Sybian)

NickoSupra says:

Mean while, circumcision on boys is totally ignored..

Frazful says:

Some people commenting here are clueless. These women are forced to
circumcise in certain regions of Africa (mostly muslims) while some men in
western countries like myself actually wanted to do it or don’t care at
all if they parents did so at birth.

HUGE difference..

Ben Dover says:

uhh thats not very hygenic 

Universalmusicgroup says:

Not one black guy/gal in as host, racist!

Hüseyin Zeynel Ilhan says:

Wtf is female circumisation?

Teenageriot280 says:

Hey thats the guy who got knocked out while doing one of his “pranks” lol
that was hilarious 

Art Vandelay says:

2 dollars short of being leet.

Sam Hewitt says:

I usually dont have a problem with confidence, but how do you get over
simply feeling like you’ve got nothing to say?

SexToy.com says:

Riding a Sex Toy (Sybian) in Public for Charity (FGM). This is hilarious
and for a great cause!


Why is there so much hate? Did u come to this channel for hot girls or not?
It would’ve been the most boring shit ever if they had just filmed
themselves going to a soup kitchen or something. They r killing two birds
with one stone by showing hot girls AND donating money. If you don’t like
sexual stuff then get the fuck off this channel

Ferdy Santiago says:


PenguinGaming says:

Let’s have a charity thing for Male circumcision, jack me off in the middle
of the street.

Nathan Daeus says:

Female circumcision is like chopping off the entire
DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKKKKKK for the male, so stop trying to compare the
two, ffs.

importance, because I treasure mah

Hierarchicalist says:

Why is female circumcision wrong, but male circumcision is perfectly

Zel The Viking says:

I remember watching a video by you guys a couple years ago. I was just
looking for tips on how to pick girls up, or even talk to girls in general.
Now I have this amazing girl as a girlfriend, and to see you guys do so
much for causes like these and donate money and raise awareness – it makes
me proud to be a sub.

You’re awesome rolemodels to have. Thank you.

Eric Clark says:

Charity for the education and prevention of female circumcision. 

AirAdeaga says:

Am I the only one that noticed after every girl got of it they checked to
see if they were wet… just saying

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