At the Fox News Site, a Sudden Focus on Women as Sex Offenders

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At the Fox News Site, a Sudden Focus on Women as Sex Offenders
Franca Cortoni, a professor at the University of Montreal who researches female sexual offenders, said, “There is no evidence whatsoever
that suddenly more women teachers are having sex with their male students.”
Mr. Kotch said that the number of posts on the subject since his arrival was small compared with the volume
of articles the site has published on sexual misbehavior by men, including the film mogul Harvey Weinstein.
Mr. Kotch said that the uptick in stories on the subject was not related to Fox News’s own sexual harassment issues, which
burst into the open in 2016 with the forced departure of the Fox News chairman and chief executive Roger E. Ailes.
Mr. Kotch, 43, said the articles were “of extremely high interest to readers.”
Sex crimes committed by women make up a small share of sexual offenses in the United States, according to the available evidence.
Mr. Ailes, who died in May, left the network he had helped create after Gretchen Carlson, a former Fox News anchor, sued him for sexual harassment.
We cover what’s interesting to the reader.”
Fewer than 9 percent of reported episodes of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by women, according to the Child Maltreatment Report, an annual survey of crimes against minors produced by the Department of Health
and Human Services, when it last released such data in 2013.
“We aren’t shying away from focusing on sexual harassment in the workplace,” Mr. Kotch said.


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