Sophia White – You’ll Never Go Solo

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Your road is set before you, a road that’s paved in stone
Stone from distant planets of galaxies unknown
It’s lined with trees and columns, all woven tight with vines
That cast across your future shades of tangles lines.

You step with steps uncertain of destiny or goal
You see only a fragment when you want to see the whole.
The road cuts misty valleys and darkened mountain heights
And is lit by daylight only to be turned to night.

It seems you’ll never make it, or at least not in good time,
For the corners, they are dark, leading to uncertain climes.
You’ll look back, and often, at what you’ve left behind
And wish for where you’ve been, when days were silver-lined.

But traveler, don’t despair of twisting, clouded roads,
You’ll never go it solo, you’ll never walk alone.
I will walk beside you, for as long as I may,
Through sorrow-riddled nightmares, through wild joyous days.

And if or when I cannot share your road of foreign stone,
You’ll still not go solo, you’ll never walk alone.
Another will step with you, another hand in yours,
For as long as you’ll be walking you’ll walk in threes and fours.

And even when their footsteps and mine all fade away,
And no hand is grasping yours down the narrow way,
There’ll always be a Someone whose steps will match your own,
You’ll never go on solo, you’ll never walk alone.

Sophia White

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