Guide to Masturbation for Girls and Women

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Close Unlike men, women begin masturbating to orgasm at a variety of ages — anywhere from 10 t…


Kimmy abold says:

how do u feel girls when u masturbate ??

Jody Craig says:

Why does my arm turn red and shake every time I eat dirt?

Emwinslimshady says:

I mastubate everyday
Such feelings
Much jeez
Very intense
Came twice.

Arthur Kirkland says:

…..I found out in like 7th grade and I would sneak and try to do it in
class….It was so weird it was in Social Studies and I thought in my head
“WOW THAT FELT DAMN GOOD!” It was the best…..i’m so weird…

Anguel Gutierrez says:


s0nnyburnett says:

Finally some proper instructions.

Farhan Mizam says:

Major turn off 

mohammad khayali says:

Crisjoseph Nuevas says:

Sometimes i Fap Lol 

UnderoathLambofgod says:

This is going to haunt my browsing history forever

seng333 nhkum says:


ASA ENT says:

OH WOW, I have no clue when I first masturbated….I just know it was a lot

BLB13films says:


Dominick Castellamo says:

During seventh grade, like I was watching a dirty movie and I popped a
boner. And when that happened ( I have had these before this) I kinda just
tried to push it down or ignore it. But eventually I just started to like
touch it cause I kinda saw what guys would do in the movies and I licked my
plan and just rubbed the area under the penis. And when I finally reached
the “peak” and “finished” for the first time. Nothing came out, and I was
shocked, because things came out during the movies. But I would hve to say
it was the most enjoyable 2 min of my life at that point.

justaddingcomments says:

I clicked on this video just to see all the MEN who commented on this video
rather than women lol. 

Grace Jeffery says:

Wtf I was watching pranks and this just popped up

Mikronyx says:

“The Fuzzy And Nicholas Squad Was Here”

jack raybould says:

I do it 2 times in morning and at night

TBNRcal says:


llRandomxStuffxManll says:

Where am I?

Ian Stewart says:

Aaaaaaammmmmm nasty! Fuck this shit.


My Mom just walked in…I changed it to goat was easier to

Currupt Code says:

How did i got to funny pranks to here

Alexander Lancaster says:


Rose boyd says:

I had a stuffed toy tiger that i used. as well as the shower

samridh07 says:

Such a turn off

Vicary Archangel says:

Srsly I still don’t know how a washing machine does that.

Kyle Ken says:

What did I just watch

Holly Anderson says:

Why did I listen to my friends who told me to go here again?

Karun Goyal says:

Call me for full satisfaction at 09876006796

Ronnie Billate says:

Why iam here.qahaha

sarah mayson says:

hilarious its like a desperate house wives episode over a game of poker !

bri plancarte says:

Fuck…why am I here….

david jurugo says:


What is the fucking point of this video?

XxReVo cLuTcHxX says:

Im on that side of youtube again…..

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