Arousing Facts About Female Masturbation

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TheYafaShow says:

If you are right handed and you masturbate with your left for a change,
are you being unfaithful?

Natsu Dragneel says:


raqraqxox says:

damn it i had my volume up and great now everyone probably thinks i was
watching something else.thanks a lot buzzfeed!!

Dr0Siko says:

Girls don’t have to masturbate much because they can “have it” when they
want to.. while guys need to beg for it..

PonysPegasus says:

All these videos about masturbation and sex from BuzzFeed lead my friends &
family to think I watch porn on youtube.. ;-;

which I don’t.

GreysALIASAnatomy says:

I dare someone to send this to their mom.

Noah Brooks says:

did anyone else release buzzfeed yellow just released the male video?

Henry Perry-Friedman says:

this is so stupid

Ben Palmer says:

When you put this on loud speaker where your dad can hear and in the first
second you regret it.

Christopher Benson says:

After all the things Japan makes which is weird, they can’t make penis
shaped toys?

Luka Megurine O2 says:

This is some “deep” facts. 

spartan3924 says:

Think animal stuff is out of place, there is alot of stuff people don’t
know about, didn’t mention g-spot, what area gets pleasure (first 5 inches
etc), how girls mainly rub the front with barely any penetration most
times, emotional orgasms, breasts, squirting, how it used to be considered
insanity for a woman to pleasure herself etc.
Could have put any of that instead of animals do it and made a different
video about animals especially because that dolphin with a fish video went
sort of viral recently

kenpachi1327 says:

dammit! I had my sound on 60% at the beginning of the video when my mom was
in the other room!

Daniel Shi says:


BuzzFeedBlue says:
Styles P'yall says:

Hey thanks guys! Now people in my apartment think I’m watching porn…

Mini Dj Stein says:


Matthew Aronson says:

lucky bastards get 20 seconds of heaven and we only get six at most that’s
a little unfair:/

umutG100 says:

Lol, you can’t go for that 2 types of orgasms at the same time, if ure
using the good old penis 🙁
Accordingly, every man has to learn how to trEAT his women right xD Got it?

Mina Ish says:

All the boys are envying us :D

Max4Z says:

20 seconds long and multiple orgasms…and us just 6 secs? Fml

Bridget Akridge says:

Only 4.7 times a month?

Ted Mosby says:

Girls don’t masturbate.

SuperAbujafar says:

20 seconds!? Lucky bastards!

David Buschhorn says:

So more women lie about masturbating, than men? Interesting. ;-)

Liz Hepburn says:

4 times a month? That’s bullshit. 

RapidProgram says:

my orgasm time is 3secs -_-

Joe Thorpe says:


Kajotex says:

44% of female undergraduates say they masturbate.
The other 56% are lying.

DanishRPG says:

Why did i click this video? O.o

buckwang says:

Lmao all the girls I know do it and do it basically as much as guys… I
call b.s

Omar Khaled says:

Video about female masturbation, they go talking about animals and men, the
fuck ?

Wilfredo Vargas says:

It’s necessary to put an orgasm sound at the video start??

Cake says:

Only BuzzFeed…

zombie orange says:

sure, everyone want to learn about female mastirbation, right?

Soccercrazyigboman says:

So really about 40 percent of these women lied

Jordan Woolley says:

i wonder why penis shaped dildos were banned in japan


Those bullsh*t stats….

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