A day in the life of a chronic masturbater

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awesome11991 says:

who uses vaseline? faggot

Esteban Ortiz says:

he is miguel

Diego Quintanilla says:

Freakin’ Funny stuff there!! LoL!!! And you’re hott! Nice equipment you got
there! 😉

Torgstone says:

loel thx for this vid 😉

bahstrike says:

lmao some pieces of that were pretty fuckin funny

smsmasters says:

LMFAO, this is so hilarious!

pervertedman says:

Uh… Lemony Snicket’s? WTF?

Esteban Ortiz says:

he tries to get me into this but im like no

Esteban Ortiz says:

my friend has a problem with this

Flo Zart says:

dis was about a guy wiv shitty porno collection wiv a fat bird probly his
mums print out waking up in da morining eating toast

ImNiaMathuFacko says:

AHAHAHAHA that was funny ^-^ thank you.

dylandj17 says:

lol series of unfortunate events…

testamone says:

Your ducking stupid

slashstu says:

LOL this RULES!!

isingnsew says:

this was tooo funny!

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