Cheating wife: Taiwan man says he’s innocent despite semen found on sanitary pad

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A Taiwanese defense lawyer is claiming his client only masturbated into a sanitary pad that was found in a trash bin, so shouldn’t be charged with adultery.

Last year, a 38-year-old Taiwanese man, surnamed Chen, suspected his wife was cheating on him. He grabbed his wife’s used feminine pads from a trash bin and sent them to a lab where upon examination, a paramour’s semen was found.

He followed his wife and took pictures of her going into a motel with another man, surnamed Lee, after he witnessed some PDA between the couple.

He later busted the two lovers at Lee’s place and appealed to a court with the pictures he took and the sanitary pads as evidence of his wife’s infidelity.

Lee denied the accusation, saying he was only masterbating in Chen’s home bathroom. The Criminal Investigation Bureau said it sounded like a plausible explanation of why Lee’s semen was found on the pad.

The defense lawyer added that going into a motel together can only prove that the two had an unusual relationship but was not solid proof of adultery. Therefore, the case was not prosecuted.

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