Soloflesh™ Male Sex Toy Demo

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A brief visual guide to using the Soloflesh™ Personal Satisfaction Device, the revolutionary warm water filled male sex toy from (pat pend)…


ناصر الشريف says:


Denis Bajac says:

+Miodrag Rajak 

CoolKidNumbreUno says:

I could of sworn I was wearing pants before this video.

Kevin B. says:

Dear Santa..

ComeWatchUsGame says:

fuck on the weird side of youtube again

Thomas ne says:


FrailShiver says:

So hypnotic.

Bloodybuun says:

hell yeah, don’t fucking girl enymore! let’s have sex with an warm water
balloon! *.*

MrGanjababy says:

strippers brought me here 🙂

Requiemist says:

How did I get here?

Hold'em High says:

I cant share video WTF!!!

Aaron Urquidez says:

I just broke up with my girlfriend

smokydogy says:

Watching a man finger a fake vagina….wtf and I doing with my life?

TheOnix123 says:

As long as it doesn’t whine, makes sandwiches and does my laundry I’ll buy

brofist yo says:


Autumn Martino says:

This product is so cool it makes me wish I was a guy, just so I could buy

Roger Smith says:

Can you bring this onto an airplane? Sometimes I get bored on long flights
and this seems like it would work to take up some time.

Che Nugent says:

he made fake cock as well xD wtf!

Alex frazier says:

where’s the asshole ?

christon clarke says:

all the dislikes are from females …hahaha

rodot10 says:

this is my kind of toy *forever alone*

ThumbdownMan says:

The guy in the video sure is enjoying it.

unclesamtookmymoney says:

It’s great. Fired mine up today.

stealthop says:

its like fucking a water balloon !

Christian Rubarth says:

… and after you are done, use it as a pillow!

Stefan Hansen says:

can that “ASS” move by itself or did i misunderstand it?? 1:18

nickd1961 says:

where do i send my check? Oh honey you have a headache, I’ii be in the
garage with my toy.

Pine Drew says:

This is very sad. There are about pussies out there, and we
fucking want this

In10s says:

wut i didnt know that you supposed to fill this things with water?

Genesis Eve says:

Lol How did I end up here?

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