What’s Inside a Male Masturbator? See the Sex Selfie Stick in Action!

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The Sex Selfie Stick – http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32128 The world’s gone wild for the Svakom Gaga Intimate Endoscope Vibrator, and we can see exactly why. Combining an HD …


Alchemike says:

why i am here?…

HAMZ619 says:

this is not what i meant when i said I WANTED A LIVE DEMONSTRATION

Billie Cruise says:

Well here I am again.. Back in the weird part of YouTube….

Erin Rinker says:

Okay,1) Why do they all look so radically different? Shouldn’t we all
pretty much look the same from the inside? 2) That first one is most
certainly NOT a human vagina. I don’t know what it is, but it is NOT human.

Brandon Taylor says:

I don’t think this is the demonstration we were looking for…

Perineum says:

Is this a trailer for the new Aliens movie? Were those shots from inside a
facehugger’s b-hole?

Pablo friend says:

This is a diff kind of cat video! Who would want this?

zach frisch says:

fucking facebook lol

Zype Shifty says:

What the actual fck

Breyana Adams says:

That was horrifying..

HeadshotWaffle says:

This is the part of Youtube ma’ always warned me about.

Tony Cox says:

I thought I typed in Selfie stick, Maserati?

Jetstream x says:


Krystal Gilstrap says:

How the fuck is this sexy?? The cervix is a strange place that I only want
my doctor to see…

Sabrina Fisher says:

Ugh dammit Facebook lol

Dead On Arrival says:

this is far from sexie, but I’m totally gonna mash this into my next VJ set

Svakom Design says:
MrFuckingFX says:

why am i in the weird part of youtube.. again?

MrSquareart says:


ARobynD says:

Wtf am I looking at!?

Jon Dear says:

Kaylee are u sure it’s yours….can I have another look somethings not
right lol

Fallen Station says:

I’m scared

Katherine Fiorenza says:

So uhhhhh why

zlimvos says:


Hannah Smith says:

This made my claustrophobia kick in. 

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