Fleshlight: How does it work?

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Using the Fleshlight is simple. Watch this video.


3236corey says:

It was a joke guys, haha. Its sonething that happened to these characters
on this show “blue mountain state”. This didnt really happen lmao.

Türk Paşası says:


MightyKrizpp says:

How do I put my penis in? The tutorial wasn’t very clear.

luminor007 says:

I came here cos I was looking for a big black torch.

Woody Robert Price says:

I got a boner

I am Anar says:


jerielmari says:

Wait, so this doesn’t have a light?

styxCROSSER says:

I use a fish; it’s just as good as the real thing.

Angie Owen says:

My Collection, Unlimited Access. Adult Only: BABETONIGHT c0m

Laura Tearle says:

too much work, but overall a good product

Tyler Carter says:

i put my peepee in it feel so fuk king gud

Chris Andrews says:

cheaper than a prostitute, that ive never been with and a girlfriend ….
interesting ..

Sharon Young says:

I’m here just to read the comments. They’re pure freaking gold.

Dr Papschmear says:

You stick your cock in it don’t you?

Ryan Kemmers says:

I love mine lol. Got 4 textures.

Nick Young says:

really people need a video on how to use 

azad ini says:

kose masnoei.

Toby Royson says:

what kind of loser would use something like this?

tommyjongen says:

I think it’s strange how there are so many people saying this is for
”people who can’t get the real thing”. like what the fuck, sextoys for
women are completely normal even if they do have ”the real thing”. Some
guys have moral and don’t fuck a random pussy as soon as they can get
one..I’m so tired of all this bias. 

Jumaydhi Syampena says:

oh my good fucking heal …

elviti2000 says:

for soloing trips!! nah!! get a real one and enjoy it!

vaginasitter says:

Is a flesh;ight better than a Cyberpussy?

vaginasitter says:

Her hands are so beautiful. I wish she would jerk me off onto a fleshlight.

3236corey says:

Don’t trust this, guys! Me and a couple of buddies of mine stole my friend,
Thad’s, Pocket pussy and we all used it. We cleaned it thoroughly before
the next person used it and it’s highly unprotective! It gave us an STD!
Can you believe that? We’re on the Blue Mountain State college football
team for Christ sake! We can’t have an STD at a time like this! Syphilis is
not something the cheerleaders are interested in, might I add.. WE NEED OUR
CHEERLEADERS! Unless you want the risk of catching a STD by using this, I
advise you not to even bother! Save you money. Take it as a word of advice

erick peres says:

I want that jajaja

stuggyGAMES says:

What the fuck is wrong with people? Just jack off or get the real thing.

Triffgits says:

ahaha oh man I love that there’s a “how does it work” video for this

Nate Higgers says:

Thinking of getting one of these. My daughter needs a break.

علي الجنابي says:

in hell that God is able to unbelievers

Sunlesslime says:

I own over 8500 fleshlights. I use them as toys for my children to play with

Upwind48 says:

I can’t wait for the “Sloppy-Seconds” model to be released.

WanderAbroad says:

vs.? do you think it would be less of a perversion to sleep around? or
knock girls up? how about those guys who I hear scores of who’s woman is
not in the mood ALL THE TIME or always have a headache. Should he find
another woman to sleep with. If this is a perversion as you state, it is by
far the very LEAST of the evils available. Not to lynch you or anything 😉
just saying

Nash Grier says:

how i ended up here?

irene salas says:

Can we clean it in the dishwasher?

julie Rogan says:

my boy friend brought one of these fleshlight porn star pussy from
Sextoyshopit.co.uk , he said it feels very realistic ,good he can use it
more often ,ha ha

Sergio Garcia says:

jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaajajajajajajajajaajajaja :DDDDDDDDDDDD XDDDDD

MUFFINHEAD1985 says:

Looks like my ex wife.

UmomsUndies Rmine says:

This is to complicated i just use my hand thank you

doublefistedhard says:


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