Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

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This thing is absolutely hilarious! I wonder if it works like she says it does?


o0th3Jok3R0o says:

@hiloboyz8085 like i did ;D they post it on a normal cardboard box, so your
parents would know what’s inside unless they’re uber nosy to open the box
and take a peak inside lol i got the stamina training unit as a birthday
gift to myself haha xD

doriggidy says:

This girl is hot!

Michael W says:

I’ll have to remember that one since I’m a guitarist. Thanks. Haha.

PitbullNL says:

@hiloboyz8085 to go to a sexstore maybe?

Jaistar2k22 says:

I got one and I went a full 120 mins, WITH a spingasm at the same time
please come and evaluate my progress. please. someone

Suck It Hard and Fast says:

@hiloboyz8085 DERP. This obviously isnt meant for kids you idiot. You know
once you get older your parents dont live with you anymore? Seriously kids
dont belong on the internet.

rextuner03 says:

I didn’t hear a word this chick said lol. Too busy staring at her and
wanting her to get naked instead of trying to TALK lol.

ninjanim133 says:

hiloboys8085 , do what i did, get a debit card, and when you pay for it on
the bill it says ILF.LLC nothing related to fleshlight.


@suckithardnfast o my god dude, chill the fuck out. seriously. you’ve got
some issues. its a common concern not to get caught with embarrassing
stuff, trust me, hiloboyz8085 isn’t the first to wonder how to get it past
the parents. Good luck hunting down and bitching at all the teenagers who
thought the whole thing. And how old are you? you don’t act like you’re
older than anyone living with your parents… maybe they kicked you out
early kuz your an asshole

aknipe106 says:

@doriggidy hmm, if theyre gonna sell a product like that for men they obv
pic som 1 most guys would get turnd on by

liligman says:

I had it delivered right to my door, I even had family over, I just told
them it was parts for my guitar – no questions asked

Suck It Hard and Fast says:

@hiloboyz8085 Derp. If I cant get laid why did my girlfriend consider
getting this for me? I am 19, not really old. Also you looked at the same
video, which means I’m sure you were trying to get one but you were too
dumb to buy an amazon gift card.

Nick Gniewyk says:

@hiloboyz8085 U send it to a postoffice in your naberhood or you say to
your parents it’s something else then this… I did it and it worked! Sorry
for the bad English.. I’m Dutch

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