Stoya – Tribute

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I’m sure that you will like it. Stoya forever!

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Ni Nguyen says:

I love Stoya , my idol . 

prashant varun says:

God has given her ultimate angel beauty I would love to marry her

Tyga mac says:

i love you stoya 

pinup60 says:

anyone knows the name of the song?

Gerald Gardner says:

She’s had 3 chemically induced abortions. No thanks. The idea of a
“doctor’ fishing 3 dead babies out of your clown car that you actively
sought to kill, well, that’s something of a boner killer. 

Dea Grubisic says:

she’s more than just a porn star. you have to accept people for what they
truly are. Stoya is a wonderful person,at least from my point of view 🙂
love to all 

Gery Gaete says:

Que mujer mas linda la Stoya <3

Allen Jan says:

she loves cock

falsetm says:

ЗБС! и нахуй вашу сашу грей!!!

1984rockabilly says:


Allen Jan says:

shes in porn dude LOL

QueenPenelopa says:

U’re right. Especially couse Serbs are vary traditional people.Much more
than the rest of europians.So I was just thinking what her father is saying
to all of this. But she seems different then the rest of porn women. She is
so beautiful and smart,educated.She should be A list actress. Why is she
doing this???

boz says:

she can get plenty of that outside of porn

Hyun Sdroho says:

She’s so cute

maitrehg says:

Thanks God she’s a pornstar!

Allen Jan says:

that was for my sentence LOL my bad

Allen Jan says:


Olga aglO says:


MIZZAR1000 says:


rui jiang says:

i like this girl,in china ,you can find her film everywhere,中国色友飘过

Koos Delarey says:

Saw a scene with her sucking on what appeared to be a medium sized turd.
Almost made me throw up.

Gary Liu says:

big fan from China

stoya zafiro says:

The Jezabels – Magic

Allen Jan says:

…. proud of seeing ur daughter swallow cum fuck different cocks every

Gary Liu says:

beauty like her should be forever young

Resa Anasto says:

thanks for your confirmation anyway. 😀

sachinshinde5972 says:


Satya Singh says:

She is beautiful. Where can i see her pussy and ass? Please help me!

ourbitches says:

the jezabels – magic

boz says:

But everybody who does a job they dislike for money is effectively
prostituting themselves. Would it be more honourable if she were a senator
that received political contributions from weapons manufacturers (bribes)
to vote yes on an unjustified war? At least her line of business is honest.
Blame the cuntish economy for putting her in a position where she needs to
perform for money. Apparently too much of the time, being young, bright and
attractive isn’t enough under capitalism

BoomFlash King says:

the other 8 people are very gay 😀

Daniel Lynch says:

whats the name of the song btw?

Kro Roth says:

I wish my dick was in her mouth

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