Diblo Dibala-Stoya

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Les Geants du Soukous w/ Dany Engobo,Sakis, and Diblo Dibala.

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uwumuremyi says:

beautifull and talented sisters, I can watch this all day long.

MegaZilmar says:


bsulubuk says:

Ooooooohh dear me!!!!!!!! .. its breath taking…

bakaira says:

tres belle la chanson et les filles

Sterrycerson says:

i lovvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my african people!

Jose Munoz says:

Can’t get enough! I have no idea what they’re saying but I love this stuff

TheTJames1 says:

Danngg this is so so freakin beautiful mennn, i love this!!!

mitjafashion says:

Fab- but let’s re contextualise the guitar maybe- too happy now- Diblo
could be more interesting without all the keyboard and happy outmoded

treehuggerdude4 says:

this song is great and those dancers are amazing. Thanks so much for

bigjoe612 says:

that was a very good dance routine i must say i enjoy most of everything i
see from africa.maybe one day the good lord will make away for me too go.

wuodkojwang says:

AWESOME! Great muzik from Diblo Dibala, its entertaing and ur dancers doing
great job. keep it up Diblo, God bless u and ur crew. Am Wuodkojwang
Jakosango in USA

Vincent Bounnong says:

belle musique ,jolies filles



jjnocharles says:

Hmmmmm…new video. Merci!

Spongyb says:

Where is baby face Anna -Laure? Good work girls Stephanie, Sandra,
Sandrine, Fanny

Doudou BADIANE says:

ami me gusta mucho

Omar Enrique Martinez says:

Que lindas son todas las mujeres de Africa. OMG

Nnfefe says:

Was Diblo Dibala the guitarist in Sesame Street African Music (part 1),
(part 2) or (part 3)?

profeciasdefuego says:

diblo the best best best best best best best best best best

Waldo Waldins says:

Diblo on solo guitar, the girls looking good

Sounds of love... says:

Cultura !!! Muchas gracias !

bakaira says:

cette musique ma fait bonheur

James54ify says:

pretty nice

clickclarkable says:

zoom in please

chill21 says:

Love it, thanks for posting.

sh sharifaat says:

african girls this how you can show your self that you `re beautiful&can
dance i love that you`re bringing africa on top..showing that all live
started in this continent africa.

soukous70 says:

Dany Engobo,Sakis,and Diblo Dibala,that’s a powerhouse trio!

bongoman01 says:

very nice..

nepali hercules says:

dam these porch ugly

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