The Beautiful Fleshlight Girl Stoya Goes Deep – very funny interview

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The Beautiful Fleshlight Girl Stoya Goes Deep – very funny interview

Adult Actress Stoya responds to your social media questions. Watch the original interview here: Deleted Scenes:

 Stoya, The Beautiful Fleshlight Girl

One of the most fine looking ladies in adult porn is Stoya. The lady has turn out to be a member of the Fleshlight Girl panel! Fleshlight offered Stoya the complete remedy generating five toys mold from her intimate attributes. When Fleshlight took Stoya into their parlors they molded her love mound, rear end and mouth. Then they used these molds and associated them to five diverse Fleshlights.

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The Attractive Fleshlight Girl Stoya started professionally posing for snapshots for a friend. That eventually steered her to modelling and working for alt-erotic web sites. One of the many web sites she’d worked for asked if she was willing to do a softcore scene for a Video they were putting out.

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Sexual Fantasies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stoya boasts that she found sex sites through an a fixation with BDSM and by means of fetish newsgroups on dedicated websites. She has expressed that only some pornographic movie films attracted her and that she favors those having artistic and fetish themes.
Stoya was featured in 2 DVD productions for Razordolls, and she had a non-sex, character part appearance in two Vivid Alt titles before being contacted by Digital Playground with a proposal to operate in a hard core lesbian scene with Sophia Santi. The scenario in question never came about, but, in August 2007, she met several Digital Playground representatives and was asked if she’d star in a adult movie with male actors. Subsequent to careful consideration, Stoya concluded.

Digital Playground porn actress Stoya.

Digital Playground porn actress Stoya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Oct 2007, Digital Playground signed her to an exclusive, three-year commitment. Stoya is viewed as the distributor’s original alt porn contract gal. The first scene that she filmed for them was for Stoya Video Nasty the 1st film that involves her taking part in heterosexual sexual intercourse, but her opening motion picture produced by the business was Jack’s POV 9.
Stoya claims that getting acquainted with her sensuality on camera has been a enjoyable thrill ride.
Regardless of the fact that Stoya was under limited contract with Digital Playground, Evil Angel chief John Stagliano gained “special permission” in 2013 to cast her in the follow up for the pornographic picture series Voracious. In 2014, the girl gave up Digital Playground and is at this point centering her job on directing. She is financing her initial shoot to be shot in February 2014.

EXXXOTICA 2008 . Everything You Ever Wanted To...

EXXXOTICA 2008 . Everything You Ever Wanted To Know – Hillary Scott, Stoya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stoya also is currently writing for Vice, has published for The New York Times and Esquire, and blogged for XCritic.

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Ryan Cutts says:

hilarious. this guy should do the presidential debates

Mërgim Kurtisi says:

she looks like little bit Milla Jovovich, lol but yeah she is a bitch and
so also hottie 😛 

Samurailord says:

Oh my god.. she is like the good version of bella from twilight

JasminLeblanc says:

The sheer confusion when the do you even lift? question came up.
I died laughing

Naomi King says:

The cat thing was so awkward

Gonzalez Aramburu says:

Deep like her asshole…

2goldenrules says:

Fiscal cliff is basically just tax increase.budget control on things like
defense and Medicare.took place beginning of 2013

NUGNESS123 says:

fuck yah stoya

PaveLowExpert says:

LOL @ her body language.

fcbarcelona4 says:

This is hilarious, how am i just finding these

Wil's VG Addiction says:

Never heard of this chick until seeing this (looked her up and oh man!).
She’s very attractive in that “girl next door” sort of way. 

HotsDonutz says:

+Tia Barrera the difference is actually not that big, real models have to
suck cock as well to get anywhere in their career just so you know. There’s
a lot of sexual favors going on in the model world and ofc drugs and other

MassiveMainer says:

DUde this bitch is by far the worst… I bet her porn is shitty too..

kaledovic says:

She has a mean streak to her. Real meanness.

AndersAsWell says:

She hates him so much lol

Pritam Singh says:

‘yeye we’ll edit that part out’ LMFAO!

Mike Wizowski says:

It was like Kassem G and his arch nemesis

Chocomuneca19 says:

Why do people always want celebrities or porn stars to be geniuses. Like
they are normal people.

g fry says:

shes surprisingly smart

kerberospanzer says:

Stoya would be a beautiful Elve!

Brian Ngo says:

The kitty part…

ray Gordon says:

JD: Hi honey, how was your day?
S: Great, 3 black guys came inside my ass
JD: Awesome, good for you
S: How was your day?
JD: Pretty good, I fucked 2 18 year old runaways, came on their faces,
wrote them a nice check after.
S: Nice, I’m so proud of you.

musicmaan100 says:

Oh my god can’t escape these ads!!

sirderpalot says:

Why is she giving kassem a hard time lol. No sense of humor totally ruining
the comedy of the show.

roloug95 says:

This guy isn’t funny, he’s trying to copy galifanakis 

Kagera80 says:

This is exactly how a artsy fartsy type would act but that’s okay because
there are cool people of all types and culturals. 

Ivanrhg95 says:

He seemed like kind of an ass hole idk if he was being funny but even when
he whooped the iPad he seemed like a cocky show off .. I have both the
three and mini -.- 

Adlan Raid says:

Pretty much the only girl who matches Kassem’s biting sarcasm and cynicism.

kere hitaf says:

How can you dumbshits define her as smart when she replies “the smallest
What did she think she was?. A fucking midget tamer?

david koresh says:

haha she burned him so any times

Józef Kołaczyk says:

she is so beautyfull

Lux Bellator says:

Wow, this was painful to watch… Not only does Kassem seem completely
disinterested in this interview, but he also continually mocks Stoya purely
on the basis that she’s a porn star. Unprofessional if ever I saw it.

L'sean Armatrading says:

she is so cute. omg!

jim jones says:

disgusting whore.

meerokay says:

she doesnt lift. 0/10 wouldn’t bang

dannielpreto says:

Wasn’t this the chick that was really ripped once? I guess she does lift…
Still pretty slow though… or on drugs.

David Mejía says:

This guy is suppouse to be funny? ohh man… I guess i am outdated

Jim Jogar says:

this bitch is annoying as hell. does she think she sounds smart? and she
keeps pausing like shes answering questions for a news channel or some

pop awrt says:

she actually is pretty smart dumbasses, she just doesnt like the guy 

Amanda Blanke says:

Bring back going deep

MrAlmost006 says:

Her stupidity makes her completely unattractive. Her in person and her in
videos is completely night and day, lol no wonder she had to resort to

Joakim Chameleon says:

this fag is such a douchebag

Christopher Benson says:

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Milla Jovovich from the
Resident Evil Movies???

sparrow says:

there are sure a lot of frustrated misogynistic manchildren in the comments

Eric Scholl says:

lift what? haha no you do not in fact lift bro

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