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Adult film actress & star of Nailin’ Paylin Lisa Ann, GOES DEEP with Kassem G. WATCH MORE OF HER INTERVIEW: Twitter ?s:…

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Jadon G. says:

I don’t know if it’s just me, but Lisa looks like a older version of Debby

blackiechan52 says:

6:46 cracked me the hell up. this man is too funny.

son goku says:

so who else emailed her at

James Kristian says:

Fuck knows where her hand has been.

Izzy Avila says:

Kassem G is hilarious!! I can’t believe Lisa does porn she’s too pretty to
be doing that. 

Walt Thomas says:

These are so fuckin stupid!

kron koroxian says:

You’re allowed to have sex at 16 here in the UK

Frank Müller says:

no doubt that lisa ann is fucking hot and great looking at her age,but she
is also fucking overrated.. she is much less into fucking than many other
pornstars,she sometimes just seems as if she somehow is bored or whatever..
(not bored but just not that much into it,if you know). plus she does not
swallow,which is one of the main reasons that tell you she isn’t 100% into

butterflycaught900 says:

Annette Schwarz Goes Deep

Armada Dee says:

She is the most beautiful and fittest adult star ever. The hottest one out
there for sure

legitstefanmiller says:

I still can’t believe Kassem interviewed the greatest milf of all time.

Trivial611 says:

“Why are black ppl late all the time? It’s not like their coming from a
job.” XD

Dakota Zeigler says:

Theres no way in hell he didnt tap that. Anybody else agree?

ThisEpoch says:

Oh my god, these are fucking hilarious.. 

BallIsLifeYouKnow says:

Her nipple were hard after kassem was on her.

Mike Grill says:

Lisa Ann is a star

Ash The Mohican says:

So… has anyone sent anything to the draft e-mail she mentioned? I haven’t
but I kinda wanna… nothing ventured nothing gained right? Fuck it.

Freak271317 says:

3:33 her nips got pointy lol

Maxiver says:

I would never think that Lisa Ann would be thirsty for Kassem.

BeforeTheBeginning says:

Belle Know goes deep? hahaha

Jack Caroselli 2017 says:

Madison Chandler Goes Deep

Joel Z. Williams says:

at 3:20 she would have let him hit it for sure.

King Aragorn says:


MassiveMainer says:

Is the note written in crayon?

Elsa The Snow Queen says:

She reminds me of Idina Menzel

CrazyPotatoeChip says:

The best line of the other Guys is the Yankee killer: “You should of shot
AROD lol”

BillCutting1855 says:

I played Creon when I was in Oedipus. That part of the interview made me

Hopsin machinegunkelly says:

he cam on her that night

Jasper Yangchareon says:

How bout you let go before I hit you?

Ben Lewis says:

You must go deep with Madison Ivy.

Whos Jesus says:

She’s wonderful.

Corporal Felix says:

The things I would do to her, what I would pay. . . ^_^

B- Remi says:

Bro, You got it in don’t lie

Declan Smith says:

KassemG is amazing

Dissident Nihilist SS says:

what’s the music in the end?

Kassem G says:

MassiveMainer says:

Does your jump shot get better after ingesting African American sperm….
ahahah wtf

PtheProblem says:

I want to do a interview like this, but with my mom, which is a 34DD-24-34,
and who looks like Lisa Ann.

zohaib mehmood says:

R u a Muslim

Militis says:

I know Kassem’s whole gig is to be a dick and awkward, and it’s often
funny, but does he have to be racist and misogynistic too? Come on pal,
surely you know how to be funny without that shit?

kingpiccolo colin says:

so beautiful! and sexy attitude 

Krishna Kant says:


Rohan Sood says:

Lisa Ann. THE PORNSTAR. Going Deep.

eddie man stoc says:

60000000000000000 people watched a lisa ann video right after this..

Marcus Broome says:

Rusty Shackleford says:

She looks EXACTLY like my aunt even her tits are fucking huge like hers.
she is in her 40s and her first name is also lisa.

Gilian Buijk says:

ok guys, i will volunteer as a 16 year old… Only because it’s Lisa Ann

Michael Golden says:


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