Joanna Angel

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Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel Fleshlight 

Fleshlight Girls – The best sex toys made after the top stars from the adult industry.



Joanna Angel Misfit Fleshlight






Joanna Angel Punk Fleshlight





MISFIT– Prompted by Joanna Angel ‘s punk-rock character and her range of tattoos, the Misfit texture will take you on a wild ride. Shove past four micro-ribs to get into a lotus node full of teeth, bumps, and nubs. Subsequently, a wonder wave chamber becomes smaller into a wavy tunel not compared with anything you’ve actually felt before. You’ve dreamed about her so you can sense her! Made from authentic molds of Joanna Angel‘s Body, now you will have Joanna any way you want. Fleshlight and the “Coolest PUNK in Porn”, Joanna Angel, have joined up to supply the latest from molded Fleshlight products. Let Joanna Angel‘s signature texture MISFIT your senses! Upon entering the sleeve your senses are heightened by the subtle resistance bristols that lightly massage the user. After that you get through the first Super Tight pleasure node and into a twisting pleasure chamber that will truly make your bad girl porn dreams rise. Once you have had your fill of the swirling dots, bumps and ribs you can then go on to the ending course; 3 Mini-Lotus nodes rightly organized to send you flying and give this Fleshlight its place among the greats. Fleshlight Girls sleeves are really top of the line when it comes to male masturbation sleeves, and the Joanna Angel MISFIT and Punk aren’t exception. The molds are derived from Joanna Angel herself and are really detailed, especially the vagina sleeve. Also, the skin tone is much more life like than standard pink Fleshlight sleeves. On the pussy sleeve, you will discover every crease and fold of the lips, which are spread wide open and almost begging you to make a way into them. JOANNA ANGEL Fleshlight

Anyone that follows Joanna Angel knows she’s known for her MISFIT, and that’s exactly what her signature vagina texture is built to do. First off it’s hard not to become excited just by examining the thing, thinking about finally getting to bury my erection inside Joanna Angel’s snatch, even if it’s just a cast and not the real thing. But after a healthy splotch of lube, it’s time to do just that. The initial sensation felt is the small nodes and waves that spiral around the core canal of the sleeve. This instantly reminded me of someone gently using their teeth on my dick. Mostly sleeves are rather tame in the beginning but this was surprisingly powerful, as if it was giving me a wake up call to get ready for the wild ride forward. Another thing that stunned me was how tight it was, just like it’s Punk counterpart. Even with the end cap unscrewed, the sleeve still clasped on to me and didn’t want to let go. It wasn’t until I came and fed it my steamy load that it appeared to finally release me from it’s grip. I now know why they call it the Angel MISFIT.

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 Joanna Angel Punk Fleshlight

Allow Joanna Angel’s signature Punk texture, with it’s off-set and diverse width and depth ribs to spark your imagination. Every rib will rub, hug, and tug on you; offering a demanding, yet oh so fulfilling encounter.  A Fleshlight First, this butt signature texture will wrap you into its wavy, bumpy depths, letting you experience Joanna’s shapely figure first-hand. Whereas the butt sleeve has the orafice buried in a valley between the two large humps that are Joanna Angel’s superb ass. Both sleeves include the standard pearl Fleshlight Girls case, which have the screwable end cap to adjust the pressure/suction during use.


Patented Real Feel Superskin material is soft, pliable, and warms to touch, identical to the genuine thing!

Very easy to use and clean, with proper care the Fleshlight male masturbator sex toy will last a very long time.

Safe, non-toxic & phthalate free. Discreet design permits private storage. Could be warmed up – it is the closest it can get to the real thing

Discreet pattern allows for private storage. Original Fleshlight directly from the manufacturer.

Joanna Angel’s butt texture, simply name Punk, is Fleshlight’s first signature butt sleeve. Other Fleshlight Girls butt sleeves have always come with the Forbidden texture, but sadly I was a little dissatisfied by it. So I welcome this new texture with open arms and salute it with full morning wood. Both textures are very unique so it was hard to choose which to try first, but I was specially anxious to try the new Punk butt texture, and unlike the Forbidden texture I was not disappointed at all. Like other butt sleeves the opening is very tight, but that’s where all the similarities stop. JOANNA ANGEL flOnce inside it’s a completely new experience. Whereas the Forbidden texture is very smooth and meant to simulate realistic anal sex, the Punk texture with it’s bumps is much more stimulating and exciting. With the end cap closed nearly all the way, the sleeve becomes extremely tight, kicking the sensations into another gear pretty much guaranteeing a quick orgasm. Or you can loosen the end cap or remove it entirely and the sleeve gets to be much more relaxed but still very satisfying. I personally liked to keep it on the tighter side, which lead to an explosive orgasm and left me very pleased.

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What is this thing known as a Fleshlight I have viewed advertized all over on the web? Fleshlight Girls are Male masturbating Sextoys For Men. Specific Casts Of one’s Best Porn Star´s Sex Parts…

The Fleshlight is a designer of sex toys established for insertion and available generally to straight gents. The Fleshlight is prepared and marketed by Interactive Life Forms (ILF). The Fleshlight is recognized for the flesh-like stuff used in its interior sleeve, as well as the plastic container that keeps the sleeve, which is made to look like an life-size flashlight. The internal sleeve is available with cunt, anus, and mouth opening.

The inner sleeves are offered in flesh colors and ice/crystal, as well as a limited edition blue colour for an Avatar-like look, and 48 different inside textures(6 original, 15 girls, 10 special, 5 Sex-in-a-Can and 12 boys textures). The Fleshlight was produced by Steve Shubin.

Fleshlight is a sex toy for adult men. There are 4 components: a heavy-duty plastic holder built like a flashlight, an end cover to cope with suction, a top to secure up the fleshlight when it’s not in use and the insert itself. The insert which comes in a selection of colors, orifices, and internal textures & ribbing designs. The insert can feel like those gummy gadget things that stick to tiles and come in vending machines.

Fleshlight is the unsurpassed selling male masturbator in the world. A vastly highly recommended male’s sex toy that really looks and feels like a authentic pussy.

It under no conditions has a head ache You can’t get it pregnant. It’s never that time of the month. It’s always all set and in the mood. The Fleshlight does not mind if you’d respect it in the morning. It does not want to hold after you’re through. It does not mind if you take home a different girl. It can’t give you crabs or the clap, and you don’t have to be anxious about it divorcing you.

A sex toy for men, used to copy a pussy. A fleshlight is designed to revitalize your tool until you jizz. A fleshlight has the similar use to a male as a Vibrator has to a female.

This synthetic pussy sex toy for male masturbation is wonderful competition for females. This thing feels tremendous.

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