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Jenna Jameson Fleshlight

Jenna Jameson is one of the bigger names in porn ever. When Fleshlight gets a girl of this caliber, they really roll out the red carpet. Fleshlight brought Jenna Jameson into their studios and took a mold of her pussy for a signature Fleshlight texture. LEGEND is the new Jenna Jameson signature Fleshlight”



The Jenna Jameson Legend Fleshlight

Slip into the Fleshlight texture as Legendary as the legend herself! The features of this Fleshlight sleeve is an ever-changing size studded with ribs, dots, squares, and nubs, producing an experience deserving of the undisputed Queen of “Porn”. Like all of the Fleshlight Girls, JENNA JAMESON73Jenna Jameson has her own signature texture. Jenna’s signature texture is called Legend. The Jenna Jameson Legend Fleshlight does amazing things to your cock as you stroke yourself in and out. Feeling the Legend tickling and massaging you will drive you crazy.

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The Jenna Jameson Legend Fleshlight is sweet! It has a great balance of sensations. It’s stimulating enough that you’ll enjoy every stroke but it’s not so intense that you’ll be cumming in seconds. You will just love looking down and see Jenna Jameson’s sweet little pussy wrapped around your cock while you feel the sensations of the Legend texture working over you.


Jenna is an adult movie legend. She was part of a class of porn stars at that time that transformed the way porn was promoted to the globe. She began her porn carear in 1993 at 19 years of age, and is now 39 years old. She looks incredible, her ass is even now fantastic, as well as her pert boobies. Fleshlight contacted her and presented her the opportunity to have her vagina immortalized as one of their male masturbator sex toys and she contracted. She has also been offered her own signature texture, The appropriately branded Legend texture.



Jenna Jameson Fleshlight Sex Toy and its texture


The Texture: The Legend texture is a combination of a few of the more delicate textures, produced together with chambers that vary in width. As you thrust through it, you can feel the various parts rubbing over your cock that gradually increase the feedback you get.

I’d propose this texture as a initial purchase, not only because it is molded like Jenna’s lovely vagina, but also because the sensations will not be too extreme, like the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight can often feel like too much to handle if you are not used to them.


Bottom line: I for one, am pleased to see Jenna’s Fleshlight launched. She may not be the common modern day pornstar, but she has been in the adult business for 2 decades, each in front of the camera and behind and I compliment her for it, a real legend of porn.


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What is this thing known as a Fleshlight I’ve spotted advertised far and wide on the net? Fleshlight Girls are Masturbation Adult novelties For Men. Precise Molds Of your respective Favorite Porn Star´s Sex Parts…

The Fleshlight is a designer of sex toys produced for penetration and distributed mainly to straight adult males. The Fleshlight is made and advertised by Interactive Life Forms (ILF). The Fleshlight is well recognized for the flesh-like material implemented in its inside sleeve, as well as the plastic carrier that keeps the sleeve, which is manufactured to appear like an life-size flashlight. The inside sleeve is accessible with vulva, anus, and lips opening.

The inside sleeves are available in flesh colors and ice/crystal, as well as a limited version blue coloration for an Avatar-like appearance, and 48 varied interior textures(6 original, 15 girls, 10 special, 5 Sex-in-a-Can and 12 boys textures). The Fleshlight was put together by Steve Shubin.

Fleshlight is a sex toy for men. There are four components: a strong plastic holder made like a flashlight, an end cover to regulate suction power, a top to lock up the fleshlight when it’s not in use and the insert itself. The insert which comes in a variety of shades of color, orifices, and inner textures & ribbing variations. The insert can feel like those sticky gadget things that stick to tiles and come in vending machines.

Fleshlight is the top selling male masturbator in the world. A greatly suggested male’s sex toy that really looks and feels like a true vagina.

It under no conditions has a headache You can’t get it pregnant. It’s never that time of the month. It’s forever prepared and in the mood. The Fleshlight does not mind if you’ll respect it in the morning. It doesn’t want to hold after you’re through. It doesn’t care if you bring home another woman. It can’t give you crabs or the clap, and you don’t have to be anxious about it separating you.

A sex toy for men, whose purpose is to imulate a pussy. A fleshlight is intended to stir up your penis until you sperm. A fleshlight has the comparable use to a guy as a Vibrator has to a female.

This artificial snatch sex toy for male masturbation is great competitor for women. This mania feels breathtaking.

There are a variety of web stores advertising male sex toys such as the Fleshlight male masturbator. The fleshlight male sex toy assortment are well-known to be the most realistic and lifelike sexual penetration men toys. Guys toys which provide that realistic sexual experience are few, leaving the malemasturbating fans minor possibilities when it comes to their favorite past time. A short time ago, the firm that delivered you the very best male sex toy, unveiled a different instrument to join together any one of the fleshlight girls top best male sex tool to your apple ipad, this add-on was titled the launchpad. Sexually, this thing boosts overall fleshlightsbest male sex toy experience. The fleshlight holding ipad case is simply wonderful ! For some terific on your own sex, the fleshlight artificial vegaina permits the top sex out of all the guys toys. Throughout my quest for the best masterbaters for men, I’ve embarked into some homemade toys for men blog posts and articles, a few hands free masterbater reviews, the flechlight a chinese fleshlight rip-off. Nevertheless in the end, the question continues to be, is it normal to jack off everyday? If you own cheap male toys for malemasturbating, you might not want to, but if you use the greatest masterbater flashlight for men, Definitely you could say” i jack off everyday”. Reviewing sex toys for adults, you will see that based on who or where the review is made from, the name varies, flechlight, flesh ligth, flashlight girls, fleshlite, flashlight masterbater,fleshligt,fleshligh,fleshligth,flesh lite,fleslight,toy porn,real doll,fleshlite,flechlight. In the outcome, it is all the same products, all for one and only use, masterbatting. The fleshlight mens masterbaters se x toy are often cool to try with a spouse or lover. You can have an ad lib home made masterbater session with the love one, which can make the top masterbater a hands free masterbater. It was actually noted that the fleshlight sexytoys were selected as best toys for adults 2013. Voted the best male products Currently, you should purchase flashlights wholesale, 25% off the regular cost. “Wow! low priced male toys”. Often you would come across women vibrators and masterbators at those superb deals. I have also discovered a campaign that offered “fleshlight buy now pay later”. But that promotion came around one time, and I have yet to find it again. Anyway, read more through my site and you’ll find loads of details about fleshlight toys how to and inserts.


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