The Shift: Christy Mack Interview

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Close – Fight Network’s Corey Erdman steps into The Shift to interview porn star Christy Mack about how she got into the business, MMA, her…


Frank King says:

I want this girl. So fucking hot and a new generation free thinker

AddictofFilm says:

She went a bit to far with the tatts and the hair.

rorz999 says:


Carlos Fco. Garcia says:

ask the MMA Fighter “How does it feels to watch you girlfriend being fuck
by another guy or several guys” but of course if you no get pay who is
going to pay the bills? right?

MrZobiwan says:

she was better with all her hair

Jimmy Rustle says:

her pussy is destroyed, gross looking

Dai Vo says:

Ofcourse they get along together, they both take hard poundings. 

Munish K says:

Doesn’t he look like gsp but with hair? Don’t get me wrong… He’s not

Edward Swartz says:

Damn, I knew that I should have been an MMA fighter!

Afgan Coolness says:

Not only is she attractive but she is also very intelligent. 

bettiebxox says:

I’m soo in love with her!!!! 

Joachim Radspieler says:

I will fuck her!!!!!!

HaremofScorpions says:

I hate her hair. Fucking nasty.

Cage Riot MMA says:

The Fight Network – The Shift: Christy Mack Interview: The Shift: Christy
Mack Interview – Fight Network’s Corey Erdman steps
into The Shift to interview porn star Christy Mack about how she got into
the business, MMA, her relationship with Bellator fighter… #MMA @fightnet

soufean jagger says:

HORE!!! but i fuck here…

Kevin A says:

I like it better when she has hair on the sides, even just a little. It’s
better than straight up shaving it down 

murcie lago says:

Walking virus.

YoungAssassin69 says:

shes pretty decent looking but i just find everytime she bends over naked
it looks like she has testicals her vagina is so loose…

Jay L. says:

She’d be sexy if she didn’t have that idiotic looking haircut. Mostly all
of her videos she has like a female mullet thing going on and it’s a total
turnoff in my opinion. If she had a full head of long hair, then it’d be a
different story completely.

C. Millz says:

She looks goose as hell with the mohawk. 

Steven Taylor says:

Nice picture on the video link :p

AJ De Fazio says:

Why is this on FN ?

Jordan Dent says:

I wonder why we all clicked on this video hmm…….

Josip Vrbanec says:

Is this porn video?

KeyboardWarrior58 says:

that’s a bad haircut but she has a nice ass

Ricardo Mendez says:

I love Christy Mack

Bunating G says:

lol FN doin big things, they have the mma game and now they got the porno
connects 😛

Paul Montes de Oca says:

Don’t have sex with that hoe!

Laimondasss says:

what normal guy who respects himself could date a pornstar? thats just
crazy, i wonder if he gets off watching other dudes fucker her in all her

Alejandro Sanchez says:

Bitches want,money G’s

LizardKillerAdamLanza says:

wow warmachine you picked a sucubus that has that look like she wants to
suck your dick and after suck your bank account dry

HelloTraverse says:

Me…oh no wait! I don’t respect myself…forget it…

matt wyatt says:

far cry 3

Rocky Anderson says:

Dudes! Seriously? What relevance is this whore to The Fight Network? First
Pro Wrestling, now this total SHITE!

electricalguru78 says:

Damnn…. what a asss

Jimmy Rustle says:

Fuckin whore

Pyrochyde says:

I’d hit it.

peka400 says:

Fake ass titties Fake tattoos and all she can talk about is Money, Amazing
what a brat

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