SLIVAN #229 – More studio painting, Christy Mack, Asa Akira & Capri Cavanni at Puba

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This is another vlog with a few various clips. You get to see the progression of the Puba offices. The we do a photo shoot with Christy Mack and some amazing…


chilakeel chido says:

:oChristy Mack have a perfect butty

monkeyboy8me says:

guy in the Flyers jersey is boss

Alex Vdb says:

You’re so BOONNE! I want sleep with your pussy

nasik mohamed says:

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Virgilio E Vasquez says:

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gonzo6669ful says:

the best porn mamasita

Thomas Doumos says:

Christy answer: I am straightedge. 5 minutes after puts 3 dicks in her ass.

John Maddux says:

Will you tell Kristie mac that I like to pit bulls And I have one too

hotneo7 says:

Capri has great tits. Christy has beautiful eyes, ass, and tits.

penske13 says:

have to be honest……i have ALWAYS felt more comfortable around women,
girls like these than the so called straight and narrow women. these girls
have lived a little you know? they aren’t so restricted in their daily
habits and attitudes that they have become uncomfortable in their own
skins. some of them are fucked yes….some of the normalcy is fucked. so
what makes these women more appealing? it’s damn close to talking to a
brother or close friend. love you ladies. peace

Ezequiel David says:


miamimanj says:

Christy Mack is so hot

avantixsiempre says:

hermosisima nena

Basile Perrigault says:

God I’m in love with Christy…

ImmortalCyrax says:

Is it just me , or threre is two christy macks ? the hot one and this one?
cause the face appearances are way different , on the other hand , the
tattos on both christys on thier back are exactly the same , so did she had
any plastic surgeries?(other than boobjob) Oh and if she had a plastic
surgeries , which one before the plastic surgeries and which one is after?
I know that I’ve asked ALOT of question but I got paranoia over these
question plz answer me ASAP

Legit Bonafied says:

Asa akira is a porn legend already imo . love her

ImmortalCyrax says:

how so?

inflamesfan216 says:

is this guy doing nothing else but running around and annoying people??

Kev Hcam says:

7:03 ‘well there’s plenty of dumb girls….’ what a dumbass

Q Killa says:

hell yeah, Capri is mad sexy yes

Adam Eve says:


ajjs02 says:

5:20 ….. DDAAMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaymous91 says:

Nice vlog.. Hott girls too..

ellytran90 says:


MriDillon says:

whats the clip or video called

Akenou says:

lol Maybe because he’s wearing that HAT!! hahahahha

hasnasmusen says:

no la he visto pero voy a checar sus videos, la q mas m gusta d todas es
olivia del rio, fisicamente no es gran cosa pero en sus videos parece
disfrutar lo q hace y los blowjobs ni se diga,saludos

zdave92 says:

Christy had one very hot body.

Ian R. Key says:

Yea dude deff with her hair down… But Capri hot as fuck…

Лолик Васерманов says:


AnotherDimension says:

Y la asiatica no se queda atras *.* , pero Christy es algo fuera de esta
realidad *¬*

Summitshow says:

Haha yeah, thought so too 😀

Phoenix M Star says:

i8 wanna work like this at least the people are awesome and i love their
attitudes so awesome when people can be real and not rediculous

IAmGunzNoob says:

does ivan have sex with them

hasnasmusen says:

si, es bonita y un cuerpaso, pero m gusta mas como jode asa akira,es mejor

UrbanOo153 says:

Christy Mack and Asa Akira <3

Aleynam123 says:

Omg christy *-* u are so beautifull i will be like u when im older i
mastrubin me everyday iam sometimes so wet oh yeah oh yeah i know that u
say that all time in your pornos *-* :****

IAmGunzNoob says:


Christopher Pavon says:

yeah i wanna know why he thinks you’re a retard too, those are really good

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