Howard Stern – Bibi Jones Fleshlight Girl Pt.3

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Howard Stern – Bibi Jones Fleshlight Girl Pt.3

Edited out the nudity. lol Sorry.

Fleshlight Girl BiBI Jones

Fleshlight Girl Bibi Jones belongs to the 5 best active porn stars at the moment. For more than 10 years Bibi has dominated the adult business. The girl had huge successes both online and in adult films. We truly love her in glamour picture shoots just as much as in hardcore clips. Bibi has already been featured on almost every key site, but puts the majority of her attention into her official site. Her site is updated on a weekly basis with and endless amount of special hardcore and softcore sets. We just see Bibi getting more and more popular everyday.

Bibi Jones & Jesse Jane Are Oklahoma City Thunder Pornstar Wed, 06 Jun 2012 20:50:26 GMT

It has come down to this in Oklahoma City. A Game 6 at home to win the NBA’s Western Conference Finals. A possible passing of the torch. Of course it’s a young franchise with guys in their early 20s and porn stars Bibi Jones

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Britney Beth (BiBi Jones) at AVN Awards 2011

Britney Beth (BiBi Jones) at AVN Awards 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bibi Jones With Toucher & Rich: Patriots Rob Gronkowski ‘A Mon, 24 Oct 2011 13:11:10 GMT

Adult Film star Bibi Jones joined Toucher and Rich on Monday to talk about her time with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski over the weekend.

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Rob Gronkowski’s Close Friend Bibi Jones Posted a New Topless Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:05:31 GMT

Rob Gronkowski has come a long way since the last time he appeared on Twitter with porn star Bibi Jones. He danced dancing wildly at a Super Bowl party following the Patriots loss to the Giants. He attended a Playboy party …

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Meet the newest preadolescent viral video singing sensation from Thu, 27 Mar 2014 14:00:42 GMT

Once again, our Bibi Jones retirement video has about that many. They should have her on the view. Anyway, the video is worth checking out just so you can have something to discuss with your aunt once Easter rolls around: …

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Bibi Jones Talks Gronk Porn Movie: What Positions, How Long Fri, 08 Feb 2013 20:01:56 GMT

If you are waiting for a Rob Gronkowski—Bibi Jones sex tape, Miss Jones has a message for you: “It’s not going to happen.” Yesterday, it was reported that offered the New England Patriots’ Fraternity Party with Feet …

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StopMotionHeadBanger says:

Lol at least she admits there’s something wrong with her haha. But like I
always say, crazy in the head, crazy in bed. 

vanwinklestein says:

This heux needs to find Jesus or somethng

Gary H. says:

She is so stunning!

amier bou-quraiss says:

she like a dud but with a pussy

Péter Pál says:

its just disgusting.. there’s a differents betwen humiliation and humor…

Paul Lee says:


Mustafa Zaman says:

Howards such a dick

Brandon Fish says:

Saw her in freaking Arizona today at the airport and I should have talked
to her. Beyond disappointed in myself.

Eduardo Resende says:

anybody has a link to the whole nudity in a porn site?

Steve S. says:

Bibi is way hotter then Jesse Jane

epicure says:

Leon, the dude on the phone. FUCKIN LOL!!!

sactownism says:

Asian cock?

Bluponi says:

@BiHPacker If AIDS wasn’t around, or other STD’s… I would love to get
with her… I don’t care how many she has had before

yanceisme says:

cant understand what leon was saying..

cbra66 says:

she loves cock…gotta respect that

Joshua Shiman says:


Muff Man says:

Anyone else think that everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie just
to make herself look dirty and super sexual. Fucking girls at age 6, get
the fuck out full of shit slut. Hot as fuck though!!

Inafu Sabi says:

We need a link to the full version, this one is neutered

Horacio Martinez says:

If she loves porn and likes to perform, then why did she retire from the
business.. Anyway Jesse Jane is hotter than Bibi Jones, she started porno

kdemon17 says:


ruben Cervantes says:

She loves cock

Sword Nika says:

she has no standards? that’s a horrible thing to say

hiemilylovee says:

Also well done Howard for making sexual abuse by teachers in High School
seem a-okay! Twat.

shazaibbiazahs says:

respect isn’t the word I would use

kdemon17 says:


walts Kfan says:

I love beautiful sexy bibijones and her work id rock her world lol thanks
for great video takecare all

Nic F says:

enjoy the HIV

notVIPonEarth says:


ndragon88 says:

She should meet Beetle Juice!!! She surely would….

BiHPacker says:

wow what a perverted whore

shazaibbiazahs says:

whats the point in that

SantiagoN Dunbar says:

Lol fuckin Leon

kingoftheroad554 says:

all canadians fuck ya buddy haha

raycdaddy says:

shes definitely a girl i would bang, but defnitely not date

cyndinn says:

@BeginnningoftheEnd can you tell me where I can find the full videos of all
the howard stern interviews with Bibi? and the crazy stuffs she has done?

Mystery says:

shes def very, very sexy but god damn what a rube..

Scott Davidson says:

She is pretty fucking hot.

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