Adult film star & Fleshlight Girl Bibi Jones Interviewed by Knuckle Up

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Adult film star & Fleshlight Girl Bibi Jones Interviewed by Knuckle Up

Primo inteterviews Adult film star Bibi Jones. She talks about how many guys she has really F@#%ed. She also talks about her fantacy with the New York Yankee…


Fleshlight Girl BiBI Jones

Fleshlight Girl Bibi Jones is probably one of the top 5 busy porn stars currently. Over the past 10 years Bibi has dominated the adult industry. The lady had huge successes both online and in adult films. We love her in glamour picture shoots just as much as in hardcore episodes. Bibi has actually been featured on lots of the major site, but puts most of her attention into her official site. Her site is updated on a weekly basis with tons of select hardcore and softcore sets. We just see Bibi getting more and more popular each day.

Bibi Jones, fantastic performance with Peter North. New video on the Sat, 01 Feb 2014 07:59:59 GMT

Home » » Bibi Jones, fantastic performance with Peter North. New video on the page “Full scenes”. Bibi Jones, fantastic performance with Peter North. New video on the page “Full scenes”. Posted by cece anggi Posted on 10:47 AM with No …

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Oklahoma Porn Star Bibi Jones was used by Gaylord Sports Thu, 27 Oct 2011 17:30:02 GMT

The most searched porn star living on our planet is Moore-native (and Westmoore graduate) Bibi Jones. How’d she earn this distinction? Well, she’s attractive, appeared on the cover of Hustler and claims to have had sex with …

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Bibi Jones Talks Gronk Porn Movie: What Positions, How Long Fri, 08 Feb 2013 20:01:56 GMT

If you are waiting for a Rob Gronkowski—Bibi Jones sex tape, Miss Jones has a message for you: “It’s not going to happen.” Yesterday, it was reported that offered the New England Patriots’ Fraternity Party with Feet …

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La primera follada de Bibi Jones | Tetas HD Wed, 02 Oct 2013 22:05:00 GMT

Sabéis quien es Bibi Jones. Ya esto no lo pregunto, porque debéis saberlo, esta rubia, es una de la que más perfiles de facebook y twitter se hacen pasar por ella, incluido el famoso twitter de @Laurita_65 el que creo, que …

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Alan Chu says:

Why do you guys put down the answers when I haven’t finished watching the
clip? Why is she so hot? Do you think she’s the next Jenna Jameson?

Gary H. says:

I would do her!

jon martini says:

shes high as fuk!

Crasch95 says:

and not a single fuck was received that day.

RJpromo says:

Thanks i am glad you like it please share it with all your friends!

ElBlitzo says:

Wow, she is wasted!

maheroho says:

400 guys Jesus !

JamesD567 says:

uhh she’s a porn star dickhead.

Tom Jerry says:

whts the point from this video? RJ

RoadTo10thPrestige says:

8:12 i see your nipple.

maciej wrotek says:

i thought she was gonna choke on the microphone

MoparOrNoCar28 says:

her father must be proud

Paralyzer says:

bibi jones retired. Im happy for her.

subtlecat says:

Hahaha you are so right on all counts. It’s hard to believe that she was
picked up out of college cause really….. admissions. I gave the hottest
retard title to Taylor Rain already, though.

Scott Davidson says:

I hope you(Bibi) do a girl on girl with Kortney Kane now that you are
working with BRAZZERS.

RubberGently says:

haha to get gangbanged by the whole yankee team lmfao xD gotta love sluts

Rockw61 says:

i wud lick the dirt of her feet

Rockw61 says:


Jeff Erickson says:

Cadillac Rock Box endorses this video.

John98102 says:

Definitely wife material. How do I find someone someone so smart? Hahaha!
Shows you what kind of people we are breeding in this world.

Yourmuthor16 says:

jesus mary and penis im harder than game of guess who for a blind man

CamorrAurora says:

Wow she’s without doubt thee hottest retard iv ever scene! And really Peter
North her fav guy to fuck. Jeez i hate that mofo. Hes like 50 and is prolly
every hot porn chic favorite cock for past 25 years.guy has to be the
happiest man in history.

Joseph O' Hara says:

Four… hundred???

paulcyr22 says:

cocaines a hell of a drug

Andrea Miller says:


sewagedweller says:

dunno how i got onto this page but i must she is very cute . well she made
400 guys lucky , did more for the world than a good christian talking about
how Obama is an antichrist .

Frank Chan says:

3 faggots disliked

walts Kfan says:

I love beautiful bibijones and her work id rock her world lol great video
thanks takecare all

flogger bboy says:

name she?

MrPoppinballz says:

Its a nasal voice. Some people are born with it

prabodha rajamanthri says:

obviously, who does porn with a sober mind

hung mg says:

hey! fuck you, DC ain’t no dirty town! DC was my hometown but I moved to
montgomery county MD, tho.

Paulo Yoshinori Horii says:

eye contact level 99

Joseph O' Hara says:

And she has a speech impediment…

mattinmo says:

shes drunk

themonkeyflewaway says:

She Retired 🙁

cdc361 says:

Good jamms.

Eddie Da Silva says:

she wants the entire Yankees team to Cum on her face

JLoko96 says:

9:31 Ok so if u say that you will do anything for ur fans does that mean i
can fuck you

coreyjar23 says:

someone that hot… i was expecting like 1500 lol

democrat4lyf says:

she’s obviously on coke…bit sad since she’s so young

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