Asa Akira in studio, Part 1

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Porn-star, Asa Akira, was in studio with the Sports Junkies heard on 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. answering questions and preparing to do some dominatrix…


ErikVaughnDillinger says:

why would a radio station invite her to do an interview but then censor the
hell out of the convo? I never get that, she’s not gonna be able explain
things properly or has to watch what she says constantly?

Tatum Osborne says:

These guys are so obnoxious , loud, and rude…you can totally tell she’s
uncomfortable…and for a pornstar of her status she shouldn’t have to put
up with being interrupted constantly and having wise cracks thrown out
right after she answers a question about her life…and I really can’t
understand why they need this many douche bags on one radio show…

maciej wrotek says:

i wonder …white folks have fetish for asian chicks,….do asian chick
have fetish for white guys ? Lets say i go to japan, will i live like king
there 😀 and yah know what i mean LOIL

freighter014 says:

basically, if you can’t get laid in the states without paying someone, then
you won’t be able to get laid anywhere else in the world. that hasn’t
stopped hundreds of sad foreign men from trying their luck, however. the
world is your oyster, as they say.

maciej wrotek says:

so how did it work for other ;whiteys; LOL ?

maciej wrotek says:

That is ur problem ? Im sorry

koolmaaan says:

Lurch definitely looking at Asa’s sillies @ 6:03

maciej wrotek says:

I think asa akira parents are so cool because they are japanese and those
folks are simply polite 😀

Michelle D says:

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maciej wrotek says:

best parts are censored…. shit

freighter014 says:

horny fuck, why don’t you find out? you won’t be the first whitey to try,
that’s for sure.

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