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Japanese adult actress Asa Akira goes deep with Kassem and his cut abs. Watch more of this interview: Deleted Scenes:…


xx says:

55.745 peoples fap after this video 

Ken Masters says:

shes pretty fucked up though haha

Dismal626 says:

omg i fucking LOLed when i googled “shang tsung from mortal kombat”. that
was so fucked up

fjeIIrev says:

hahahahahahaha this guy rules

abovelawl says:

I was a little misled by the title 

Silverdoxxx says:

just read the scene yuh bitch! LOL AHAHA

Cj Schmitz says:

Lucky fuck! 

Armada Dee says:

You misspelled “and his fatass” or “and his fatass belly” you fat dumbass 

sjors kamman says:

oh no you didnt lucky guy

MissPurplepaint says:

you are a god.

Jeeviis5 says:

LMAOOOOO this guy is the GOAT

ElementalHealth says:

Throwing that teddy bear was just cruel man, you gave her your word. The
rest was pretty funny though, it’s obvious she has some deep personal

Sandland113 says:

+Kassem G Can you hook me up with her? I’m single.

David Air says:

You should get “Dani Daniels” and by :You should: I mean :PLEAS get Dani
Daniels, I love her!!!:

shant07 says:

Shes so fucking hot

Jack Caroselli 2017 says:

“OMG, have you seen my boobs?” “Yeah….Yeah, I have.”

Ramses Posso says:

she really cried

Bogdan Milen says:

i would so much like to fck her at least once !!

Javier Farías Sepúlveda says:

After years of searching, I FINALLY found my hero. Kassem G

enigma19833 says:

He literally made her start crying during the interview, and he *still*didn’t break character. The man is a GOD.

Nathan Kim says:

I love your titty bear

Morganna Hayes says:

why is he so mean

Rtlighter says:

Can you do an interview with Belladona, I don’t know…it would be cool.

YoCrunchiness says:

Oh my god she cried and laughed when he threw the teddy bear… I felt bad
for her while laughing my ass off at the same time.

Luciano Barreira says:

HAHA so epic


she so hot,good shit broski

MsWaitforme says:

he is so sad he should be ashamed of himself dirtbag!!!!

thescream faycal says:

that lucky bastard

Andre Windom says:

How could he have a straight face after throwing her bear? “Just remember
who’s house this is.” -_- 

Rasheen Joshaun says:

lmao he dogging this bitch on the low

Rahul Bothra says:


orr Shochet says:

every time he says “warning this is 18+” he gets double the views, nice
going youtube.

ryan finnegan says:

That catch 

Vic Rattlehead says:

The greatest video of all time 

kevin yun says:

5:15 to 5:20 is so skilled +Kassem G 

dany says:

at 5:17 kassem lost all of his thoughts just inhaling that piece of “IM A
BOSS” to his brain

2004JustBe says:

she should have slapped him and took her bear back…that sick fuck!

Jonathan Sjögren says:

Kaseem is a god

TheMc1436 says:


Chris Cruz says:


Social Skydivers says:

Inspired from KassemG’s interviews, We just interviewed a Russian about his
sex life on our channel. It’s explicit though, you’ve been warned.

Aqsa Qureshi says:

This is so disgusting

Alexandre Epanya says:

Mason Moore goes deep

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