Watch!! All I See Is You (2017) 3 Movie All I See Is You (2017) DOWNLOAD: WATCH: Sinopsis :A blind woman’s relationship with her husband changes when she regains her sight and discovers [More]
The Gujarat HC is to decide an issue of “utmost public importance” -whether forcing a wife to perform oral sex amounts to sodomy, rape or cruelty in marital life. The court is also to decide [More]
(via 2017 has been quite the year for travel & personal growth, but the trip that’s really taken the coveted top spot for us here at stupidDOPE has been the journey to Hedonism II [More]
VICE asks the Head of the Satanic Temple in the UK the all important questions. Do they drink blood? Do they sacrifice babies? Can they connect people to the Illuminati? Is it all just a [More]
Cancer Deaths Continue a Steep DeclineAlthough prostate cancer accounts for 19 percent of cancers in menand breast cancer for 30 percent of cancers in women, the most common cause of cancer death in both sexes [More]
Kalkipuri Temple: Opening: 3am-10pm. Irrespective of caste, religion, sex, menses, *pula, age and nativity, devotees can come with cleanliness to Kalkipuri and walk on 18 steps and pray. . Situated in the birth place [More]
A new study from Lovehoney shows sex dreams can lead to more adventurous romps in the bedroom. 59% of people who have sexually fantasies try them out, and 70% look into them for hidden meanings. [More]
JUPITER, FLORIDA — A couple of high-ranking Florida cops may lose their badge and gun privileges after an ongoing romance was found to have bled over into the line of duty. Jupiter Police Sgts. Amy [More]
WASHINGTON — U.S. intelligence agencies briefed Donald Trump about allegations that the Russian government is in possession of compromising information about the president-elect. A two-page summary of a 35-page dossier was presented to Trump and [More]
Sex-Addiction is something that is made fun of regularly, and many people don’t even believe that it’s an actual mental disorder. In fact, it’s so real, that it’s linked to other psychological disorders such as [More]