During the San Diego Chargers game against the Oakland Raiders, a security guard was caught masturbating during a performance by Chargers cheerleaders. The footage caught on a cell phone quickly circulated, prompting the team to [More]
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The Missionary Position of Masturbation It’s as vanilla as jilling off can be, however it’s successful in any case. Lying on your back, or on your front, or on your knees… the procedure is the [More]
La masturbation est un préliminaire ultra stimulant pour l’homme. Mais attention, certaines erreurs doivent être absolument évitées ! Etre trop brutale Pourquoi ? Ne pensez pas que la masturbation doit aller vite. La première erreur [More]
Taboue… Mais vertueuse pour la santé, la masturbation ? Ce qu’il faut savoir sur cette pratique sexuelle. La masturbation favorise l’orgasme vaginal Pourquoi ? Parce que les orgasmes vaginaux et clitoridiens sont liés… En résumé [More]
A student of DU has lodged a complaint against a man for allegedly masturbating beside her in a DTC bus and trying to repeatedly touch her waist. As per the FIR, the incident occurred on [More]
Lauren Sivan, 39 – a journalist who accused Harvey Weinstein, 65, of sexual misconduct – opened up to Megyn Kelly, 46, about the troubling incident. In a shocking tell-all, Sivan told the Today host that Weinstein cornered her [More]