Sidi J. Mahtrow – Gomer

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They’re gomers for sure,
Standing in a crowd to endure
The attention from the others
Who have different marching orders.

Moving freely about on clue
As if they don’t know what’s due
It’s important for them to be free
Before collecting is to be.

They’re led away and patiently stand
Awaiting the owner’s diverting hand
Taking it without fear
As there’s no alternative to being here.

Long ago they were freed of thought
Of what nature had wrought
Instead they are complacent as they stand
Waiting for the mount-up command.

Taking the weight in submission
As Winston Churchill’s prediction
Accepting that which is their due
Without resisting, suffering with the few.

Gomer bulls have one purpose
Submit to the other’s service.
And when it’s over, back to the pen for feed and rest
Along with the others that have stood the test.

That’s a good life I suppose
As long as you don’t consider the pose
Where the gomer stands in submission
At another’s commission.

But wait, what will happen
When submission’s not enough in the end.
Will the gomer show his stuff?
Too late, he’ll meekly be led away
To sacrifice on that faithful day.
For you see the gomer has but one mission
That is endless submission!

Winston had it right!

(For those of another culture; Gomer Bulls are used in semen collection from prize bulls. Cows are also used. The practice requires that the animal be mounted by the bull and the bull’s penis diverted into an ‘artificial vagina’ where the ejaculate is collected. With the great weight of the valuable sire, the gomer eventually breaks down and is replaced by another. They serve their role by being submissive.)

Sidi J. Mahtrow


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